So here’s the thing…

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Random, TV, Uncategorized
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I have to admit, the real obstacle was doing the whole anonymous thing to get away with exposing things – I found it was the real reason to my “phase”.

FYI, it hasn’t been THAT long since I last blogged. I accidentally deleted my blog post while purposely deleting others. If I’m gonna claim this blog openly, not many would “appreciate” how much detail I went into – the truth hurts sometimes AND other times we find some of the ways we reveal things as being very unwise and damaging. I can kinda do without that.

This means personal pics – Yay! Picked a new theme though still dark. May even do what others do and do random posts that are only 3-lines just to keep things active….

Oh and also rambling i.e. Like right now I’m watch Friends re-runs 🙂 Came across on of my fave quote from Joey! Okay, I quickly YouTube-d it:

That’s all for now – gotta sort out my CV 🙂

  1. Omar Modesto says:

    Hooray for change!

    • Indeed! :p It was well needed! Loving you’re new header on your blog BTW! The only thing that bothered me with that theme was that it always looks like the header is too small b/c it doesnt completely cover the red area… 😦

  2. sensico says:

    Personal pics…yay! Cause I mean, no offense, but you are pret-ty sexy haha. Anyways, glad you picked a new theme, though I usually hate this theme, it really goes well with your header plus I’m sick of seeing you and Omar with the same theme.
    And, thanks for making me feel less important. Everyone seems to be doing a CV these days but I have nothing to put on a CV other than the fact that I’m attending college 😐
    oh and YAY! I love Friends, though that smelly cat song got tiring after a while.

    • LOL! Drag your BF on Twitter so I can exploit your gay-ness!!!
      Yeah, I was gonna go with a clean, light theme but them couldn’t be bothered to try creating a brand new spanking header – LOOOOOOOOOONG!

      Put work-experiences and YOUR JOB on there dummy!

    • sensico says:

      Ha! My BF doesn’t do twitter, I don’t know why, I guess twitter to too popular for him, kind of same way I feel about the Apple brand. He’s a nerd.
      And I have no relevant work experience, plus I thought CVs were more academic related. Anyways, I forgot to laugh at the fact that you mistakenly deleted your blog post. And on the WP someone asked could they recover a blog post deleted. You guys need to get it together haha.

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