Domino’s Pizza – YOUR SERVICE SUCKS!!!

Posted: May 26, 2009 in Experiences, Troubles, Uncategorized

Okay, this happened only moments ago…

We order some food online – something new for us but hey, it was promoted on the flyer and it’s straight-forward. We were told to wait around 30mins for the delivery so we waited – no problem there…

Got a call from the manager after waiting 50mins to say that the driver came and knocked, even called a few times (according to his supposed phone log on his mobile) and so went back to the store with our food. Apparently the policy states that if the buzzer doesn’t work they will call the contact number to get through to us. The buzzer in this place is the loudest thing ever! Can be heard in apartments next to us or across the hall  – I know this because I hear theirs all the time.

So the driver lied about ever buzzing us and we checked, there is nothing wrong with it. As the the phone calls, we saw one miss call and a message flashing. When we listened to it, it was nothing but someone hanging up. So whatever “multiple call” the driver was claiming, it must have been a fake. My theory is he called once, gave up so dialed the number without allowing it to ring while on the way back to complain.

When I called back to re-order and gave my address the guy said they are not dealing with orders from here again! WT….?!?!? I asked why and it’s because we didn’t answer to the “phone calls” and therefore wasted their food, time and petrol. And get this: WE CAN NEVER ORDER FROM THEM EVER AGAIN….NEVER!! Even if we put through an order and wait, the manager said it will not be delivered.

We tried explaining that we are not doing some prank and want our food, that we weren’t even going to complain for cold-ish food due to the fact that we missed that ONE call – but he rudely dismissed us on the phone and said it’s not gonna happen then hung up…

How the heck does that work?! I’m sitting amonsgt a handful of v.angry and v.hungry people right now who are ready to flip out!

  1. sensico says:

    So you write this blog post when you could have been out getting the pizza!! Don’t tell the angry people waiting on food!
    The real question one should ask of you is why you went to Domino’s Pizza. Even if they are cheap their pizza still sucks major balls hm…can’t think of a better word. Anyways. maybe y’all was being loud and just didn’t hear the guy at the door. That is kind of messed up though, at least you didn’t pay over the phone like I normally do or you might have wasted money.

    • Someone was out getting some food!!! Dang!
      Domino’s is good pizza! Price had nothing to do with it – we are not YOU :p We are not the rowdy type, we were watching a movie. The phone was in the same room so I don’t quite get how we didn’t hear that one call but they should have called AFTER they buzzed and got no answer… Filed a complaint anyways 🙂

  2. Omar Modesto says:

    Domino’s Pizza FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.
    I like Domino’s, but there’s a local one (Pizzarelli) that’s more flavorful.

    • I don’t think we have a Pizzarelli – we went for Chiquitos instead (mexican) because if any of them went to Domino’s they would have attacked that manager for being so rude on the phone LOL

  3. We once ordered a pizza from Dominos and after an hour I called they said it was on it’s way. I figured they were extra busy. I called again 15 minutes later and got the same answer. I then called to cancel my order and ate a can of something for dinner. Then we get this call that my “pick up” pizza had been waiting for me for a long time. I told them I had requested delivery and even called twice and was told it was on it’s way. Then they said there were 2 orders to my street and that they had assumed I was talking about the delivery one when I called. The delivered a cold pizza to me free of charge and sent me a coupon for a free small pizza.

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  5. Lincoln says:

    being a driver, and now a manager at a dominos pizza.. i feel that every dominos is different, due to being a francisee.

    Myself, i find alot of our customers come to our store because our service and product is better that other stores in the area (even tho they are owned by the same people)

    I do try and resolve all customer problems. And figure myself starting off as a driver, i have a greater understanding about deliverys and common problems.
    ..I also do weekly reviews on drivers on nights im not on as the manager.

    I ALSO (again..) read through all customer feedback that have been sent though to dominos corperate via online and phonecalls.

    So not all stores are as bad as people say.
    Figtree, Australia.

  6. Scott Smith says:

    Wish you had put the place of the Domino’s Pizza you ordered. I am an owner of a Domino’s Pizza. 99% of us put out a great product which seems to win most of the time in a BLIND taste test.

    • ex-employee says:

      Scott Smith, you shouldnt be allowed to be a business owner. You and your son treat people terribly. I’m hoping to be apart of changing how you conduct yourself and your business and how you treat the people you employ.

      • Scott Smith says:

        The fact that you hide hide behind anonymity speaks for itself. Sorry you could not meet the high standards at Domino’s Pizza and thus an EX employee.

  7. ex-employee says:

    It’s your personal standards that nobody wants to meet good sir. I did just fine under corporates standards.

    Don’t worry so much about me being anonymous. You will know who I am soon enough Scott Smith. There are 2 lawsuits being brought up to you and your son Brandon Smith.

    My regards to you, your son and Stacy.

    • Scott Smith says:

      Sometimes there is the rare franchisee that raises the bar and exceeds even what the corporate standards are. That store was slated to close becuase they could not make a profit. I would be one dumb idiot to take over that store and keep running it the same way as it was being run before I purchased the store. Wake up! If you want to get paid for showing up to work, get a government job!

      Thanks for letting the world know that my standards are extremely high!

      • ex-employee says:

        Just a little food for thought, I wasn’t fired from your franchise so your standards comment doesn’t apply, “The fact that you hide hide behind anonymity speaks for itself. Sorry you could not meet the high standards at Domino’s Pizza and thus an EX employee”. So, the fact that you enjoy commenting back and forth as well as your last comment shows how immature these comments are.

        I do remember once you told me, “work them like dogs when they show up for work, cause that’s what they are good for” & “the best day of your life was quitting corporate, because they have to idea how to run business and I can do it better”.

        With that being said, the best day of my life was leaving the “rule” of that franchise and I will persue a case against the unfair practices that take place there.

        As much as I would like for you to continue commenting I would recommend you don’t with the casing being built against you, but please go right ahead. I can use the bricks you continue to lay for me 🙂

  8. ex-employee says:

    Just a little fyi for everyone out there and the Smiths. Dominos has a Class Action Lawsuit agaisnt them. For unfair business practices of which the Smiths take to a whole new level beyond the what the actual lawsuit is about.

    This lawsuit was filed by delivery drivers, but also includes the fact that Dominos doesnt provide uniteruppted breaks. Yes people, you do not get a lunch break even if you work 9-10 hours. So I really dont want to hear about “standards”. It’s more about control.

    • Scott Smith says:

      Wrong again Miss Ex. I don’t have a clue what you are talking about. If things were so bad, why do you care about me and my operation? If you had another job, you would not even give me a thought by now.

      I have been with Domino’s Pizza for 30 years. I uphold all standards, labor laws, etc. Never had been in any kind of law suit. Don’t ever want to be. Thanks for caring though.

  9. ex-employee says:

    Don’t flatter yourself, it’s not you I care about. I have nothing against you personally Mr. Smith.

    My employement has nothing to do with this issue. I am not a disgruntled ex-employee, nor am I looking to gain financially.

    This will be my final massage. I will refrain from engaging further in the matter. Whether or not I am in the wrong or anything will be done about this matter will soon be determined.

    All the best.

    • ex-employee says:

      ugly mis-spelled word… “This will be my final MESSAGE. I will refrain from engaging further in the matter. Whether or not I am in the wrong or anything will be done about this matter will soon be determined.

      All the best.

  10. Brandon Smith says:

    WOW!! Last week we finished 10th in the NATION! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! I couldn’t have done it without my exceptional team members. The week before we were 16th. We are working hard to become #1 our team members couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished. I have to say I am very proud of them. We had a executive chef at the Hilton say that he could not believe how efficient we operate!! WOW!!! That kind of feedback is what I live for! go team zmith!!!

  11. ME says:

    Well Well,,,
    I have known Scott and Brandon for over 17 years.
    BOTH are men of Honor and principle that operate their businesses efficiently with the good of all in mind. I have worked for both of them, together and separate, through ups and downs, through major company changes, good and bad, and both men have earned my continued respect and admiration.
    I have absolutely nothing to gain from writing this, – just a note from another ex employee, this one however is QUITE pleased with how Scott operates his businesses!
    It is nice to think back on the fun in the stores, the high energy and exhilarating atmosphere!

    I just happened on this site today, and I could not walk away without leaving my own response and opinion.

    One note to you the ex disgruntled employee , Karma is real 🙂

    Scott and Brandon, if you see this, I am glad you two are close and all is well. My best to Stacey:) I wish you all the continued success you have always so Honestly earned and deserve. You are in my thoughts often. 🙂

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