Posted: July 19, 2009 in Life
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I’ve finally started to have a more productive life! Yay to me! In the process, I have lost touch with a huge amount of people. I’m working my way up to shorting the distance created – for some it means sucking up and putting aside my pride. What I’m struggling with in this area is just what to say…

I have already sent off all the necessary papers I needed to post. this includes renewal forms for financial stuff (which I sent in late :-s), college/uni applications, subscriptions etc. My mail pile no long exists and I am over the moon because it made my front room look messy and cluttered.

For the past few weeks I’ve really paid attention to organisation: found homes for things that I’ve allowed to just lie around on the coffee table, boxed up important paperwork such as bills in categories and date. I’m trying to encourage Shay to put toys away – I know he’s young but he participates when he sees me picking up his toys and putting the back in the box. I’ve caught him doing it himself which is great. He even applauds himself too! Lol!

I’ve spent a lot of my time writing and studying. Writing down thoughts, listing future goals, even things I wish to say to certain people but refrain from doing so because it’s either bad timing right now, unnecessary yet feel I need to let it out safely or sometimes it goes hand-in-hand with future goals and it’s a reminder of what I want to do. As for the lists, it’s self-explanatory really: What I would like to accomplish, what need to be down (reminders), goals, and even strange things like words to look up, films I want to see, books I want to get my hands on, necessary growth and things to conquer as a person… it goes on.

Studying is in reference to Biblical studies. I’ve been working on self-discipline and it’s something that plays a huge part in my social life. Like everyone else, I have so much to learn and understand so I’m not going to act like I’m the only one BUT I do know myself and so my approach can be a lot more drastic than others. I know if I don’t become strict with myself with this, it’s not going to happen and like many times in the past, my faith fades.

To answer “Sensico’s” twitter question properly about my decision in creating another blog, “Keeping Up With The Jones‘” is this: growth. I wanted to concentrate on what’s most important to me – my faith and my son. I blended them both together because from day one, many of my lessons have to delivered through Shayden and of course they both represent an incredible amount of love. I just told Sensico it was the take the religious-heat off this blog – not entirely true. I’m still going to mention my walk with Christ on here, no doubt, yet in having it separate helps me to concentrate a lot more on God in every aspect of my daily life. It’s difficult to explain fully but I hope you get it. I’ll be posting links of that blog on here anyway, and vice versa, so they’ll always be connected somehow. 🙂

So anyway, I’m mostly listening to sermon podcasts or devotional podcasts instead of having the TV or radio on… except when Big Brother is on *hangs head in shame.* When it’s not the one over here (UK) it’s me and youtube as I catch-up on the one in the US *hangs head in shame.* I take notes in what I learn which I’ve never done before and I reflect on them a lot (the new blog heps with that.) – It works; it helps. When not doing that, I workout daily – a new thing for me. I must say, I enjoy it. I’ve gained so much self-motivation, confidence and lets not leave out a spring in my step! *wink wink* It’s very strange how I now sleep less because of it. I presumed it would be he other way round and I’ll be more rested, but no.

Erm what else… The usual cleaning, cooking, daily walks and playtime with Shayden. So yeah, life has been good to me. Will try posting more regularly (I always say that!)

  1. Omar Modesto says:

    Glad to hear read that you’re getting your life in order. I should also get around to listing my goals (and movies, books, etc.) one of these years months weeks days and throwing stuff away.
    I’m really waiting for August, when college will stop being a burden until next year, to accomplish and get rid of as many things as I can. It’s not good to let things pile up.

  2. sensico says:

    I suppose I understand your answer to my all important question. Besides that, why is there a “wink wink” at the end o “lets not leave out a spring in my step” am I the only one reading too much into that, I mean, usually, nevermind, I’m actually too tired to finish that thought lol
    I’m also happy to hear you have everything in order. I for one don’t know what to get in order. But usually school is my excuse to not take care of things but I’m not even in school now and do nothing.
    Tell shay-shay auntie sensico says “hi”, but that’s good he’s picking up stuff already, I tried to get some kids I was babysitting to do that at a young age and all I got was “nope”

  3. Doson says:

    Good.. Keep It Up *:) I’m reading a book called “You Can Make A Difference” & i think I’m changing too..

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