Big Brother and Wedding Stuff

Posted: August 1, 2009 in Life, People, TV
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I’ll publicly admit that I maybe slightly obsessed with Big Brother… Now before you all gasp, I’ve only kept up with my one (UK) because it’s the 10yr anniversary plus I haven’t been into it for the last 4/5 yrs. As for the US version, it is so much better – taking about nomination WILL NOT get you punished, game-planning is ALLOWED and everyone seems a lot more sane. In the UK, they purposely put challenging, weird people in the house for “entertainment” purposes and then… well… that’s about it!

I remember when Big Brother USA was shown on TV over here – I think it was Season 4- I’m not sure if they had broadcast the previous seasons. They didn’t show anymore after that year, which was disappointing. 😦 Now I’ve gotta catch-up on YouTube the morning after each episode thanks to MenOfBigBrother7!

I am NOT an addict!!! Oh yeah, Siavash to win in UK – Bea and Lisa to go ASAP, and either Natalie or Jeff to win in USA – Ronnie to go ASAP. Russell is growing on me for some strange reason. Lydia was a fave at the begininng but I’m starting to change my mind. Hmmm… Kevin winning won’t disappoint me either.

Besides a few films and Friends re-runs I don’t watch anything else. I still get crazy ill, on/off, but seems to have slowed down a bit. I somehow feel disappointed because I lost a lot of weight I wanted to lose during those time, but my mindset is so very wrong and twisted so I take it back. It’s one of those ” I don’t believe buy it” type things to hear but like I keep saying, unless you see it or hear it from someone who has, don’t judge me and call me a liar – that’s hurtful and inconsiderate and frankly,  unnecessary.

I have one week left and I still have nothing to wear for my brother’s wedding. I’m in a state of panic and getting a tad bit annoyed. I plan to do some window shopping tomorrow since town will be a lot more quiet and chilled on a Sunday, then hopefully have an idea what I want to buy  and get it all on Tuesday when I go shopping with my friend. The only thing I need to get Shay are some black shoes which I too plan to get tomorrow. I bought him a suit last Tuesday. I had to get aged 2 because there’s no in-between sizes. It’s a bit big so I’m thinking to not have him wear the suit jacket, just the waistcoat, shirt and cravat (btw why it has shoulder pads is so shocking for me) then also the bottoms are quite long but I can just tuck them under. Shirt is a little baggy but hey, he looks so handsome!!! I would post the pictures I took when he tried it on but that may ruin it for many. I will, however, definitely post some pics on here and FB. For those that follow me on Twitter and have me added on FB, I’d most likely be posting throughout the day! I’ll even take a few pics which will automatically by shown on Twitpic.

I’m not sure why I’m so excited… I’ve been in deep thoughts about it and I know now it’s solely because my brother has been through so much, he deserves to be settled and happy. And his wifey is amazing inside and out – she’s a great friend. I’m excited for them both!

  1. Omar Modesto says:

    I’ve never been to a wedding (just my sister’s wedding party). I hope you have a great time!
    As for what to wear, you should … no, wait. I don’t give fashion advice. Heck, I’m the least fashionable person ever.

  2. sensico says:

    Seriously, BB11 is a disappointment this year. I understand and like the idea of having the Brains (nerds) versus popular v. athletes v. outcasts and normally I’d root for the nerds. But everyone on the Brains team suck Ronnie is the most annoying person ever and many, including me think he’s ruining the show. C’mon, constant egomaniac references to Star Wars (or Trek), “yeah, everyone though I’d be toast but the force is with me he’s the worst kind of nerd ever. btw, I hope Natalie doesn’t win. All she does is do everything Jessie says. I hope that Jeff or Jordan win and then they get married and have pretty kids, cause they are hot!
    And weddings are nice. I’ve only been to my aunts wedding. Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be a flower girl at a wedding but never knew many people that have gotten married, plus I’d look weird now being older and all, as a flower girl lol.
    Hope you have fun at the wedding, I agree with Omar’s assessment of his fashionab(ility). I however….am also not good with fashion. If it looks decent and it’s cheap then I’ll wear it.

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