Work n Not Much Play

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Experiences, Future, Life
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This week took so long to complete itself. I did my first HOUR at my placement last Monday. Really, it was only an hour. My new boss was late. I waited upto 30mins in the hallway, outside his office, while it felt like certain bypassers where working some strange looks in my direction. To entertain my time I listened to my mp3 and tweeted my playlist… I know, sad!
I decided to head back to reception where someone could give him a call or ask around but the number they had for him was a deadend. I had the sudden urge to just leave and put it down to the fact I was there early and waited so long blah blah blah but I knew that would fall back on me in some way. So I sucked it up and headed to my tutor’s office, hoping she was in that day, to let her know that I had waited. I knew what was going to happen – I knew she was gonna give him a call to see where he was. Apparently he was at a school having a meeting then got stuck in traffic. It was around 3ish at that point and he asked me to wait up for him… He would be an hour!
I was a tad bit annoyed about it all because I don’t think he took the responsibility side of it very well ,yet the waiting was OK as I got to help myself to the machine that gives out free coffee, the vendor that gives out free snacks, listen to some more music while day-dreaming about the new iPod waiting for me at home (I signed off for a package as I was heading out.)

When he finally came it was something to 4pm so I could only stay an hour. Turns out he has moved to his new office over 6wks ago and is still working out of boxes! This is great b/c it means I’ll be a part of creating all the systems from scratch…. basically everything will start from nothing and I’ll be able to make it my own. If all goes well, I’ll be leaving some huge shoes to fill (so to speak) to the point where I’ll be needed and useful enough to kept on after the course is over. Again, great as long as he doesn’t turn out to be all creepy. Trust me, creepy bosses are not cool! When I did meet him it was really good – someone I managed to get on w/ straight away, plus, we laughed at each others jokes. I won’t say if I did that just to impress him or not – LOL – that’s my secret. 🙂

After that it started to hit me that I need to get back into the 5 day a week routine. Haven’t done it in over 2yrs now so, by Thursday morning, I woke up pretty hurt.

I’ve got this Employment Law project to get started on – it’s been almost 3wks since I’ve had it and I haven’t even thought about starting it yet! Everyone else still has their Mondays off while I’m doing my placement. The Director was desperate and I got recommended then asked to do it throughout the whole course, whereas, the structure is suppose to include at least 3 months at a placement starting in February. 😦 Gotta step it up!

Shayden’s ill this weekend, and may spill over to next week. He has one terrible cough which is scary to witness b/c he coughs for a good 3mins, non-stop. Plus, he’s not eating much and taking two naps as well as asking to go to bed around 6PM then having to wake him up in the mornings when I get up at 6AM. Not to forget a runny nose. Still, he’s attitude hasn’t changed at all – hyper, loud, dramatic and happy happy happy.

I pray for inspiration this coming week; a reminder of becoming not just a follower but to serve as a “fishers of men.” Thank you God for breaking me & reforming me in someone that allows passion back into life.


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