What To Complain About This Time

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Random

Well on Thursday I dropped my BlackBerry in the toilet. I was cleaning the bathroom when I got a call. Usually I can do the whole holding-phone-to-ear-with-shoulder thing but not that day! I then panicked, grabbed it, took it apart the best I could and shoved as much toilet paper where it could fit. I tried switching it on but it tripped out so I had to put it in a container filled with rice grains over night.
When I woke up the next morning I realised my panic manoeuvres lost me a button and messed up the trackball – besides that everything seemed surprisingly OK.

Now, I don’t know if it was that incident or the OS upgrade I was prompted to when plugging the BB into my laptop that sent it crazy… Either way, I lost wireless connection. Did the usual – switching it off and on – only to lose all my contacts, my data connection (so I couldn’t use any apps) and my emails. šŸ˜¦ I was so upset! Anyone who has a BB a long period of time would understand how devastated I was.

Spent y’day and today doing hard resets, downgrading and upgrading software, restoring previous back-up data I had done etc. And now… I managed to get my Twitter app working ,though not Facebook, sometimes my browser works, sometimes not; no emails but got most of my contacts back; and after half a dozen attempts I managed to get BB Messenger app back w/o the contacts. So I’m content enough to settle for what I do have, and not attempt to mess w/ it anymore, just in case I make it worse. Sigh… It’s all temporary anyway. I’ve got one month left on my contract so I’ll be able to upgrade the 1st week of the new year.
I laugh now but I was definitely contemplating visiting the nearest T-Mobile store and ordering a new one, however, that would cost me Ā£30 whereas the upgrade is free. Luckily, someone made me see sense when I really thought I could pay for the new one and still get my upgrade meaning 2 brand new handsets! Somehow T-Mobile may see that and catch on so I’ll wait, to be on the safe side. Christmas is round the corner – can’t be wasting Ā£30!

To add to the technical mayhem, my laptop keeps tripping out every couple hours. I don’t know why, it just is. I would be doing work when it will switch itself off. I can’t be bothered to deal w/ it until next year. Most of my college work is done, the rest I can do at college; so when I do actually use my laptop, it’s for mediocre things like Facebook, Twitter, Blogcatalog and Googlereader etc which actually puts a break on the whole social networking – saves me from self-discipling myself! šŸ™‚

I have 2 weeks left at college, yay!!! I’m enjoying the course but there’s one girl I cannot wait to get a break from. She’s the type of person that favours being completely disrespectful and insulting to bigger herself in hopes to be the class comedian in the process. Always having something to say, I laid into her a little on Friday – felt weight off my shoulders every since! All it takes is someone to tell her to shut up every now and then which makes her so perplexed she doesn’t know how to respond. You would think someone w/ so much mouth would be good at comebacks but naw, she acts defeated instead! Lol. Once I said it, that morning, others stepped up when it became unbearable again… and that was that! Ha! (I hope)
It’s beneficial for me to encounter people like that b/c I use to be somewhat like that; it reminds me how much better it is for me, and those around me, to have decorum and respectable attributes. Still room for improvement, of course. Always room for improvement. šŸ™‚


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