Friday Rant

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Life, People, Random

I woke up this morning overlooking the decisions I’ve made over the last 2 months. I wouldn’t say they’re regrettable, b/c they were necessary, yet, they will be difficult to explain if I was to be put on the spot by certain people. I realised how much needs to change, stuff that are others responsibility, so as helpful and as loving as they are, I feel the need to allow space/distance. Not as drastic as cutting them off or ignoring them, but limiting the contact and, when in contact, how much I share.

It’s that time of year, anyway, when most people start reviewing things and planning goals for the following months/year. Don’t ask me what mine are though, I haven’t a clue yet. I’m still looking back.

Other than that, the week has gone OK. Had a few buttons pushed like a few mornings ago when someone put a lit cigarette in my bag as I was getting on the bus. I made my way to the back of the bus, upstairs, and thought, for the first minutes, that the girl behind me was smoking. However, when I followed the smoke it led to my bag. I don’t know why I expected the girl to tell me, as she clearly saw something wrong, silly me!
Nothing was really damage, just had to deal w/ a strong, lingering smoky smell until I got back home later that evening.

I’m dreading these holidays for more reasons than one. One, that I will mention, is the work I gotta do for January. Something I forgot all about when going back to college. It’s on Law as well so there’s no shortcuts in research or anything!

Got loads of shopping to do. I’m planning to get Shay a chair and table set for lunch/dinner times at home and also one of those motorised cars or bikes you can get. I want to get him a peddle bike too but that can wait until late Spring.
I’ve never done Christmas cards either – not since leaving school – so I’m thinking of doing some this year. I had always thought they were pointless unless it has money in it! However, I received one today and it was a touching moment. I’m inspired to show a lot more appreciation to those around; show that I acknowledge them in what they do.

Better get drafting some personal, individual messages 🙂

  1. Omar Modesto says:

    A lit cigarette in your bag? People can be so mean.

    • Or even dumb! There was no sense to it! There was a load of them making so much noise n being stupid and I was one of the ones that paid no mind, didnt even look in their direction, listening to my iPod – there were other ppl snarling at them n all sorts… I dont see the sense but I kept my cool.

  2. sensico says:

    Don’t do Christmas card, no one care about them. And I find it really annoying when people sees something is wrong but won’t tell you. Once, I had bubble gum on my coat and no one told me lol

    • I dont know – I’ve wrote all these heart-felt messages now…. cant waste the love!
      I agree with you! Yet at the same time, when I let ppl know something that can potential embarrass them they are so ungrateful about it. Then again that’s only some, i guess.

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