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Happy belated Easter!

Posted: April 13, 2009 in God/Faith
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I surprisingly didn’t eat any chocolate! Ha! It’s overracted anyway… I munched on Fruit Pastilles and orange Gatorade while l sat through a suprisingly long church service. Yeah, I tend to stray out on occasions and get some snacks from the store to share around with my friends during service (when I feel like it)! It’s so wrong but it works for us young people for the moment. Doesn’t mean we don’t listen and take the message in but we’re the type to become easily restless when sitting in the same spot for 2hrs! 🙂

What I love about celebrations like these is the joy of it! And the meaning of it! AND how freeing it feels because I foundate my life on it! I believe in the freedom that the Word promises us – the debt paid for us, an abundant life, unconditional love that makes my head spin and a place I can feel safe and call home. Even when I struggle to allow such things, knowing they exist and believing it with my whole heart works during those times too – so imagine when I DO grasp it and how wonderful life feels at that point!

I wish I could get it all the time but I don’t. I screw up and I am forgiven before I even act. I could easy be all like “Hey, I’m gonna do this JUST BECAUSE I can get away with it!” but it never feels satisfying. So instead I stay conscious of the fact that I’m far from perfect and when I take a wrong turn during my strive to being Christ-like, I thank God for not holding it against me and being forever understanding and compassionate… it makes a huge difference. Sounds crazy to many but breathe-taking for believers.

I’m not a preacher. I still feel like a baby in Christ and pretty useless to other people. But He gave me purpose and meaning, a full life and I am MORE than complete.

“…you anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD
forever.” (Psalm 23:5b-6)

Gotta love the “cup overflows” part – God is more than sufficient that we cannot contain it all!!! 🙂


What to say?

Posted: March 30, 2009 in Eye-Opener, God/Faith, Life, Revelation, Trust
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Would have posted something sooner but the week took a toll on me – everything and everyone! Plus, my connection has been kinda slow so I’ve been resorting to handheld devices to interact rather than my laptop – there’s my excuse for the blog neglection! 🙂

One of the main things I have come to realise this week is how even the bad things people do is good for someone else. Go figure, huh?! So when people have brought me down, angered me, hurt me, whatever else – I somehow have to press through and thank God for that! Sometimes saying thanks during those times is thankfulness in advance… sometimes a relief because we saw how things could have been worse.

What’s difficult about that is we don’t like being that way! Seeing the brighter and bigger side isn’t everyones taste. It means we must think and do with a purpose, accept ourselves as a purpose and allow ourselves to be of a purpose, not to forget the purpose is beyond us completely. Also involves believeing in justice though it may not come straight away nor in the way we desired, hope and faith in better experiences and encounters, believing in something or someone better than all of us put together AND some! Oh and importantly, believing in the design of life – where it leads.

I would be nothing right now without the knowledge of the “bigger picture”. Would have given up on others and myself.

It gave me the tolerance to put up with things, the humility to put them aside and respect to the things that are good.

Still, I’m nowhere near a master of this perspective. I’m crumbling even now!

Thought I’d just say it anyway… you know, since I chose purpose a while ago so then something about my thoughts MUST be something for someone… right? :p

One thing I hate experiencing is the will to pour everything out but no one there to do it with. Or even people there, but which one? How to go about it? Where to start?

So I type to survive this stormy season… I have found no freedom in the talking I’ve done so far. Kinda  why I have shut the world out the last few months. I had one hell of a summer (’08) – events that will  surely be mentioned at some point so prepare yourself.

Christians fool themselves sometimes. We tend to lean on life being all great and full of light all the time. That’s why when I see my friends fall, they fall the hardest! The Bible doesn’t say anything about such guarentee – what it talks about is us being the light to those in darkness, and us seeking the ‘light’ in our situations. I fail all the time with that one. I’m poor in my faith.

It’s why we MUST hang on – for the sake of others too. It’s something I grew up on and see as the most important in life. I can’t sit around and waste life especially when it leaves others in the gutter. I admit, I can’t possibly help everyone – yet the people in my cirlcle of life (yeah – I’m going all Lion King on ya!) are my responsibility in some way. I want to do my best by all of them, regardless of distance between us, level of our relationship and what they believe. So that’s the people I know offline and those I have met online.

So if I have to go to the extreme to get to that place to do so – I’m gonna do it! Even getting there, in itself, will do such works.

So I’m going to type EVERYTHING and Lord help me b/c this is new and challenging for me.

You would think that by the lyrics that this person is a Christian… hmmm – find and read the lyrics for yourself when you have the time.