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This was waiting outside my door when I got home y’day; my first Christmas present courtesy of my gas & electric company, npower. A box full of energy-saving light bulbs for my home. WOMP!


Friday Rant

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Life, People, Random

I woke up this morning overlooking the decisions I’ve made over the last 2 months. I wouldn’t say they’re regrettable, b/c they were necessary, yet, they will be difficult to explain if I was to be put on the spot by certain people. I realised how much needs to change, stuff that are others responsibility, so as helpful and as loving as they are, I feel the need to allow space/distance. Not as drastic as cutting them off or ignoring them, but limiting the contact and, when in contact, how much I share.

It’s that time of year, anyway, when most people start reviewing things and planning goals for the following months/year. Don’t ask me what mine are though, I haven’t a clue yet. I’m still looking back.

Other than that, the week has gone OK. Had a few buttons pushed like a few mornings ago when someone put a lit cigarette in my bag as I was getting on the bus. I made my way to the back of the bus, upstairs, and thought, for the first minutes, that the girl behind me was smoking. However, when I followed the smoke it led to my bag. I don’t know why I expected the girl to tell me, as she clearly saw something wrong, silly me!
Nothing was really damage, just had to deal w/ a strong, lingering smoky smell until I got back home later that evening.

I’m dreading these holidays for more reasons than one. One, that I will mention, is the work I gotta do for January. Something I forgot all about when going back to college. It’s on Law as well so there’s no shortcuts in research or anything!

Got loads of shopping to do. I’m planning to get Shay a chair and table set for lunch/dinner times at home and also one of those motorised cars or bikes you can get. I want to get him a peddle bike too but that can wait until late Spring.
I’ve never done Christmas cards either – not since leaving school – so I’m thinking of doing some this year. I had always thought they were pointless unless it has money in it! However, I received one today and it was a touching moment. I’m inspired to show a lot more appreciation to those around; show that I acknowledge them in what they do.

Better get drafting some personal, individual messages 🙂

Well on Thursday I dropped my BlackBerry in the toilet. I was cleaning the bathroom when I got a call. Usually I can do the whole holding-phone-to-ear-with-shoulder thing but not that day! I then panicked, grabbed it, took it apart the best I could and shoved as much toilet paper where it could fit. I tried switching it on but it tripped out so I had to put it in a container filled with rice grains over night.
When I woke up the next morning I realised my panic manoeuvres lost me a button and messed up the trackball – besides that everything seemed surprisingly OK.

Now, I don’t know if it was that incident or the OS upgrade I was prompted to when plugging the BB into my laptop that sent it crazy… Either way, I lost wireless connection. Did the usual – switching it off and on – only to lose all my contacts, my data connection (so I couldn’t use any apps) and my emails. 😦 I was so upset! Anyone who has a BB a long period of time would understand how devastated I was.

Spent y’day and today doing hard resets, downgrading and upgrading software, restoring previous back-up data I had done etc. And now… I managed to get my Twitter app working ,though not Facebook, sometimes my browser works, sometimes not; no emails but got most of my contacts back; and after half a dozen attempts I managed to get BB Messenger app back w/o the contacts. So I’m content enough to settle for what I do have, and not attempt to mess w/ it anymore, just in case I make it worse. Sigh… It’s all temporary anyway. I’ve got one month left on my contract so I’ll be able to upgrade the 1st week of the new year. (more…)

Been a while, hmmmmm?

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Random
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I’m real busy now-a-days (though I always find time to tweet.) Things didn’t turn out like my grand plan in one of those posts below, something to explain when I’m over it! lol

I last mentioned my brother’s wedding, right? Well that went well – didn’t  twist an ankle in the heels I wore, Shay looked crazy cute in his formal outfit! He was such a handful, and I may of cried about it *shhhhh* but hey!

I think I need to find time to structure my posts properly – time to ressurrect this poor excuse for a blog!!! That includes the other one too – lol.



p.s. Glad Jordan won Big Brother – I was very happy 🙂

New Life and Stuff

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Life, People, Random
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I’m so happy for Angellyn!  She had her baby boy #3 this weekend – that’s more love to share around! I deactivated my facebook account and I’m pretty sure photos were posted. Talk about bad timing!

This is a great thing and I’m so excited for her and her family. I don’t expect to hear from her for the next few weeks, if she does I think I’ll tell her off a bit. Lol! I did leave a voice mail congratulating them (thanks to Skype’s cheap overseas calls!) and sent my love. I wish I was in Indy right now to visit little man and fam to share such a special moment. Her life is the totally opposite from mine so  I’m sure the childbirth went very smoothly and probably very quick.

I’m talking about a great family here: they have a wonderful life and an inspiring one. I wish that we were closer and had an equal friendship but hopefully that will come in time. The reason I say that is because recently I have noticed how many friends make their conversations all about me or general things. I’m a very open person when I choose to be and so if someone asks what’s up or more specific, I’m tell all my ups and downs plus so much more – I’m expressive. In return of asking how they are it’s a “I’m fine” then they ask for more depth about me… hmmmmm. It makes me feel that everything is one way when relationships should be both ways. Not saying that I’m expecting bad news for them to go through struggles for me to feel differently but it’s like I’m not being let in – What’s going on lately, what they are dealing with/experiencing, hardships, goals, achievements, highlights, ARE YOU OK? etc. Doesn’t even have to be in depth but something at least! I get told off for for saying I’m OK or fine or not bad! Makes no sense to me!

This new week has to be meaningful – it has to be! I must post my tax credit renewal form, post my application for my degree, get my grocery shopping in while being mindful about my finances, clean the house, sort through weeks of pointless mail, search for a christian wedding poem to read at my brother’s wedding in August, find outfits to wear to the four wedding I must attend to in the next 3 months (incl. my brother’s – the big one!), try and remember Fathers Day, find out if  can degrade my digital TV because I blatantly don’t need all the channels I’m subscribed to… I’m sure there’s a few things I’m missing….

I decided to go with my “timeout” with peers for a while, hence to deactivation of facebook so I should have the time to complete my to-do list. I’ll be on Twitter though, so I won’t be disappearing really 🙂

Other than that, I’m gooooooood! :p

Banned Tiny Toons Episode

Posted: June 2, 2009 in Funny, Random, TV
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Thought I’d share what I “Stumbled-Upon” this morning. Why do creator waste their time doing stuff they know will cause controversy or bad influences. Though this can be taken positively, it’s still a waste.

I admit, the 7mins I took to watch this, I got pretty bored. Reminds me of how most of my friends would drink excessively because of such things as boredom and if you weren’t joining in, they’re boring to watch. Except me – I think I was damn right hilarious when drinking (typsy never drunk – except that one, maybe two house-parties back at school… QM girls will know which ones I’m on about :-/) but yeah, when I slowed down it kinda hit me that I probably wasn’t… 🙂

I’m sure I saw this one on TV before… hmmmm

An Eeeeeek of a day!

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Random, Troubles
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First thing: When visiting my blog to reply to comments today, I noticed that the Friends video got disabled! It made me laugh because I distinctly remember the video not having an embedded code on YouTube – the person who uploaded the footage disabled that option. But then I thought, well hang on a sec! WordPress doesn’t need that anyway, I just need to URL so it was a win-win IMO!! LOL

Yeah, I must have got caught out or something so I had to replace it with another one which, on my laptop, freezes a little – don’t know if that’s me or…Eeek #1

THEN – While watching the video, for the 7th time in the last three days my laptop froze on me! I think it has something to do with my new wireless hub because I’ve never had this problem before and it’s the only change this laptop has been through recently. But then I somehow think it’s something to do with FireFox… I’m not sure but whatever it is, it’s interfering with the security – After doing the “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” to then be lead to a black screen, waiting about 20mins for something to show up, a pop-up about failed security something comes up. Eeek #2! On the plus side, while troubleshooting my Vaio online, I came across my next “must-get” (because I can afford it) gadget!!! So pretty!! 7″ touch screen, SLiding QWERTY Keyboard, Intel Core Solo Chip, WAN, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, Two cameras, Windows XP Pro, HDMI Port and probably more stuff…. I know I probably don’t NEED it but DANG! That’s a sexy-looking piece of technology! Sony Vaio UX 🙂

While I was faffing around dealing with all this stuff and almost dribbling onto my laptop, lil’bug didn’t get much attention. I left him inAwkward to say the least... his highchair eating a yogurt, which I think he finished 45secs after giving it to him, he was so quiet I had forgot all about him… and well look! I know many kids can sleep through anything, and many times in very weird positions incl. standing up with their head on the table (something I cracked up about when mine did it!) but I am willing to admit how wrong this is and yes, I do feel guilty. I quickly took a pic and transferred him to his cotbed 😦 Eeek #3

Lastly: To make this day even more eeek, I just found out that one of my very back teeth at top is missing some! It got chipped months ago and I ignored it – but then last night I started to feel a slight pain and now I’ve just realised that the chip is now a hole!!! Freaked me out when I successfully led my tongue back there to see what was going on. This is gonna mean loosing a tooth. *Sniff*It is a wisdom tooth so it’s not a real loss, I guess. Plus, when I got pregnant in 2007 I was real smart and got a health plan for myself and the fetus-with-no-name (at the time) meaning I don’t have to worry too much about dental costs because I can claim it back afterwards! Eeek #4 but YAY for thinking ahead two years ago! 🙂