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Well on Thursday I dropped my BlackBerry in the toilet. I was cleaning the bathroom when I got a call. Usually I can do the whole holding-phone-to-ear-with-shoulder thing but not that day! I then panicked, grabbed it, took it apart the best I could and shoved as much toilet paper where it could fit. I tried switching it on but it tripped out so I had to put it in a container filled with rice grains over night.
When I woke up the next morning I realised my panic manoeuvres lost me a button and messed up the trackball – besides that everything seemed surprisingly OK.

Now, I don’t know if it was that incident or the OS upgrade I was prompted to when plugging the BB into my laptop that sent it crazy… Either way, I lost wireless connection. Did the usual – switching it off and on – only to lose all my contacts, my data connection (so I couldn’t use any apps) and my emails. 😦 I was so upset! Anyone who has a BB a long period of time would understand how devastated I was.

Spent y’day and today doing hard resets, downgrading and upgrading software, restoring previous back-up data I had done etc. And now… I managed to get my Twitter app working ,though not Facebook, sometimes my browser works, sometimes not; no emails but got most of my contacts back; and after half a dozen attempts I managed to get BB Messenger app back w/o the contacts. So I’m content enough to settle for what I do have, and not attempt to mess w/ it anymore, just in case I make it worse. Sigh… It’s all temporary anyway. I’ve got one month left on my contract so I’ll be able to upgrade the 1st week of the new year. (more…)