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Work n Not Much Play

Posted: November 29, 2009 in Experiences, Future, Life
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This week took so long to complete itself. I did my first HOUR at my placement last Monday. Really, it was only an hour. My new boss was late. I waited upto 30mins in the hallway, outside his office, while it felt like certain bypassers where working some strange looks in my direction. To entertain my time I listened to my mp3 and tweeted my playlist… I know, sad!
I decided to head back to reception where someone could give him a call or ask around but the number they had for him was a deadend. I had the sudden urge to just leave and put it down to the fact I was there early and waited so long blah blah blah but I knew that would fall back on me in some way. So I sucked it up and headed to my tutor’s office, hoping she was in that day, to let her know that I had waited. I knew what was going to happen – I knew she was gonna give him a call to see where he was. Apparently he was at a school having a meeting then got stuck in traffic. It was around 3ish at that point and he asked me to wait up for him… He would be an hour!
I was a tad bit annoyed about it all because I don’t think he took the responsibility side of it very well ,yet the waiting was OK as I got to help myself to the machine that gives out free coffee, the vendor that gives out free snacks, listen to some more music while day-dreaming about the new iPod waiting for me at home (I signed off for a package as I was heading out.)


Back 2 Business!

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Future, Life, People, Struggle

Now that I’m busy and doing stuff I finally have something to blog about! Whew!

Story so far goes some like…
I’m back at college now, doing a course in Business Administration. The plans I had set failed miserable and made me miserable w/ it! So I had to work w/ the “system” and do something, anything!
The course will at least help w/ getting a decent job next year (fingers crossed), then I can get started on bigger things.

Been real tough. Had to fight w/ myself and my ways b/c I really do take things hard when it comes to accepting alternatives to my own. That comes w/ me wasting so much time and energy bringing everything down just to suit my miserable, pessimistic self – I’m awesome at that!

However, God leads me through so many battle fields and, as much as I highlight the struggles, worse case scenarios, and whatnot, He puts up w/ it and never punishes me for my insults and disrespect of His works. That’s the tolerance I dream about having, trust me!

I’m enjoying the course now. Huge things have blossomed from this new direction, including being offered to be a PA for a Senior Director at my college after only a month and a half of showing what I’m capable of in my studies. Definitely huge! It’ll start out as a placement while I continue studying, yet, will help me tremendously if/when I further my education next year and it’ll also give a great reference in terms of experience. I’m looking to work on advancing myself by building a solid network while there – so butt kissing… here I come! Lol.