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This was waiting outside my door when I got home y’day; my first Christmas present courtesy of my gas & electric company, npower. A box full of energy-saving light bulbs for my home. WOMP!


A great great great great friend of mine bought these over on my birthday (21 Nov.) – so many “great”‘s ‘cuz we go way back like that! Though only two, I appreciated them and the gesture. He handed them to me in a water bottle b/c I don’t do flowers in my place so no vases exist LOL. I’m surprised they lasted this long but, to be fair, I think they’ve been that state for a while; it’s only b/c I notice them today.

Okay, this happened only moments ago…

We order some food online – something new for us but hey, it was promoted on the flyer and it’s straight-forward. We were told to wait around 30mins for the delivery so we waited – no problem there…

Got a call from the manager after waiting 50mins to say that the driver came and knocked, even called a few times (according to his supposed phone log on his mobile) and so went back to the store with our food. Apparently the policy states that if the buzzer doesn’t work they will call the contact number to get through to us. The buzzer in this place is the loudest thing ever! Can be heard in apartments next to us or across the hallย  – I know this because I hear theirs all the time.

So the driver lied about ever buzzing us and we checked, there is nothing wrong with it. As the the phone calls, we saw one miss call and a message flashing. When we listened to it, it was nothing but someone hanging up. So whatever “multiple call” the driver was claiming, it must have been a fake. My theory is he called once, gave up so dialed the number without allowing it to ring while on the way back to complain.

When I called back to re-order and gave my address the guy said they are not dealing with orders from here again! WT….?!?!? I asked why and it’s because we didn’t answer to the “phone calls” and therefore wasted their food, time and petrol. And get this: WE CAN NEVER ORDER FROM THEM EVER AGAIN….NEVER!! Even if we put through an order and wait, the manager said it will not be delivered.

We tried explaining that we are not doing some prank and want our food, that we weren’t even going to complain for cold-ish food due to the fact that we missed that ONE call – but he rudely dismissed us on the phone and said it’s not gonna happen then hung up…

How the heck does that work?! I’m sitting amonsgt a handful of v.angry and v.hungry people right now who are ready to flip out!

I have to admit, the real obstacle was doing the whole anonymous thing to get away with exposing things – I found it was the real reason to my “phase”.

FYI, it hasn’t been THAT long since I last blogged. I accidentally deleted my blog post while purposely deleting others. If I’m gonna claim this blog openly, not many would “appreciate” how much detail I went into – the truth hurts sometimes AND other times we find some of the ways we reveal things as being very unwise and damaging. I can kinda do without that.

This means personal pics – Yay! Picked a new theme though still dark. May even do what others do and do random posts that are only 3-lines just to keep things active….

Oh and also rambling i.e. Like right now I’m watch Friends re-runs ๐Ÿ™‚ Came across on of my fave quote from Joey! Okay, I quickly YouTube-d it:

That’s all for now – gotta sort out my CV ๐Ÿ™‚